About Me

Hi there!  I’m just a gal in my mid 30’s who decided several years ago to shift a great deal about the way I was living, and never looked back.  In 2013 I was working full-time as a teacher, part-time doing various other work, and attending graduate school.  I was also going through a divorce, leaving my job of seven years, selling my home and car, and…. without knowing it at the time… beginning what I can only describe as an awakening of sorts.

So, over the years I’ve talked to many folks about the path I have taken, the “weird” choices I’ve made (more on that later), and the journey to living my truth.  I honestly spent way too long figuring out how to share with more people, and what my focus would even be if I were to write consistently.

At the end of the day, I am simply a curious, personal development junkie (and psych major) who loves to learn, explore, and try new things – and who strives to live a better, balanced, intentional life every day (Note: I fail a lot.)

I tend to share thoughts on intentional living and personal growth, which for me could involve travel, health and wellness, minimalism, relationships, etc….

Bottom line: Here I am to share my failures, successes, and continued growth –  in case this helps you.

Education Experience (for my teacher friends visiting this site):

Some of my posts might be geared toward teachers or education, so I thought I might owe my teacher friends a little about my background as an educator.  🙂

I’m the Chief Learning Officer at an Atlanta-based edtech startup company and have spent the past 15 years in the field of education.  I’ve served in various capacities in K-12 public education and beyond. I worked at the high school level for seven years, where I served as a special education teacher, a Spanish teacher, and a world language department chair.  I was then promoted to the central office of a large Georgia school district, where I supported teachers and leaders through professional development around topics such as online learning, classroom pedagogy, and STEM and innovation.  I also taught instructional technology to M.Ed. Students at a Georgia University from 2012-2020.

I have spent the last decade working with thousands of teachers and leaders in the K-12 space, both in my home state of Georgia and, since 2016, across the United States. I earned my doctorate in Teacher Leadership in 2016 and have a strong passion for personal and professional development, educator coaching, and empowering teachers to thrive.

Amy lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her pup, Bailey.  She lives for food, wine, music, and anything outdoors.

Thanks for visiting!




Disclaimer: I may share anecdotal experience about health, wellness, career, finances, and other various topics. I am not a health professional, a financial advisor, or a career counselor of any kind.  I am simply one human only sharing my own personal development journey.  Please consult a professional prior to making any major health, career, or life decisions.  I certainly have and they have helped tremendously. 🙂