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a note about intentional living and minimalism

Being intentional or living a minimal lifestyle means different things to different people.  To me, living intentionally or minimally doesn’t mean you have to sell / donate all of your belongings.  For me, it’s being far more intentional about the goods, people, and energy I bring into my life.  I have spent years eliminating a TON of clutter (both physical and emotional) that did not serve me, did not bring me value, etc…

quality > quantity

That said, It’s actually been a goal of mine to spend more on *quality* items that will last versus buying large quantities of things.  Honestly,  this used to be a huge struggle for me, as I thought more was always better.   For instance,  I  previously purchased 5 pairs of uncomfortable shoes that I kinda liked, rather that spending the time, energy, and money finding and purchasing something high quality that I loved and would last.

I’m not rich.  Living in a van for over a year – without a mortgage or rent – afforded me the freedom to spend money on things I may otherwise not have been able to try…. products / services that helped me grow… or made my life easier or more comfortable.

I know that I have personally relied heavily on research and reviews before purchasing almost anything in the past several years – from travel and experiences… to food to wellness products to home goods….  I have found such joy in experimenting and sharing things that I love with friends and family, and I plan to use this blog as a place to share my experiences with whoever is out there.  I hope I can be helpful as you make intentional purchasing decisions!


For some of the links/codes I share, I may receive a referral commission or something from the company, such as a percentage from an Amazon purchase.  Often, using links/codes on this site will also save you a little something. 😉 However,  I assure you that this will never cost you more, and that I am only sharing things I have *personally* tried myself and wholeheartedly enjoy.   (There are a lot of things I have tried that I will not be sharing here.  Ha!)

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